Bežični punjač s 16 zavojnica za punjenje za maksimalnu fleksibilnost

Startup Zen claims that with its Zens Liberty wireless charger, it is the first brand in the world to give users full freedom of accommodation, allowing them to place their devices anywhere on the charging pad, in any orientation.

Because the wireless charger has 16 switch coils for charging, unlike other wireless chargers, it is not necessary to place the devices in a specific location on the charging pad. Zens will launch two variations of the 16-coil wireless charger; edition with a special Square textile surface and a limited edition glass surface. With its 16 coils, the charger has a 30W (2x15W) output with Apple and Samsung Quick Charge to support dual-charger charging. Any device that supports Qi wireless charging can be charged anywhere on the charging pad. A built-in 2.4 A USB port lets you charge an optional device.

The charger is made of high quality aluminum, comes with a universal 45W USB-C power adapter and has a three-year extended warranty. The Zens Liberty comes with a 45W universal power adapter. The adapter has a USB-C connection and includes separate sockets for EU, UK and US to make the adapter suitable for global use. The USB port is located on the top of the charging pad.

How far are we from getting the first wireless charger that most people think of when they hear about the term? Thinking of one where a cellphone could be anywhere in the area, as with Wi-Fi, because imagine that wi-fi works in a “just lay it on your router pad” way. That wouldn’t be wireless, would it?


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